blog-1Taking the ego off the table is the path to successful negotiations.

Focus on outcomes and the best mutually agreeable compromise. Remove the focus from personalities and keep it on the facts and principals to keep mediation on track.

Voice respect and understanding for the other party’s position. Frame the issues around both parties’ common goals.

When fear arises, release the concern to the other party and ask for their help resolving it.

Phrase your “asks” as “we need to work toward an outcome”-type statements instead of “I want this or that.” You’ll get a better deal.

Lean in to the negotiation by showing openness and engagement with your words and body language. Sit on the edge of your chair, place your elbows on the table and be engaged in the conversation in a positive way.

Removing ego from negotiation is difficult, but rewarding. The outcome is a principled deal that everyone can live with.