• EFA Risk Assessment
  • EFA Detection & Reporting
  • Elder Mediation to Prevent EFA
  • Coordinating with Adult Protective Services & Criminal Prosecution
  • Civil Litigation
  • Restitution, Compensatory & Punitive Damages
  • Rescission of Transactions that Damage Elders
  • Invalidating Deeds, Contracts & Post-incapacity Wills and Gifts
  • Disinheritance Law
  • Supervised Conservatorships
  • Revocation, Suspension & Modification of Powers of Attorney
  • Constructive Trusts on Improperly Taken Assets

Elder Financial Abuse Litigation

Elders are a vulnerable class of people. When someone with bad intentions pursues an elder through friendship, family relationship or as a caretaker, abuse may occur. Blackwell Law can help protect your loved ones from the harms of undue influence. Contact us if you feel that your loved ones are at risk of financial abuse.